Optional Tours

Two different tours will be available for delegates and their guests to book on Wednesday, 13 September.

The tour fees are NOT included in the registration fee.

Full details and information on the booking process will be added to the registration page soon, but see below for a taste of what to expect.

You will sail across the Meuse past the modern CĂ©ramique, the Bonnefantenmuseum and the Gouvernement during this cruise. From the water you have a beautiful view over the old town. The tour boat takes you along the beautiful places of Maastricht via the Meuse. A wonderful experience, so you can experience the city from the water. Perfect for quietly enjoying the boat with a drink and networking with your colleagues.

This guided tour is the way to get acquainted with the most beautiful spots of Maastricht. Our enthusiastic guide takes you for an interesting walk through the historic center and informs you about the known and unknown sights. Discover during this tour the old city center with its squares, old city walls and historical monuments.